Cosmetics seem to be the new ‘must-do’ for designers and apparently singers too. After the few revelations concerning Marc Jacobs cosmetic line and Louboutin’s beauty products to be launched in the next year or so, It is now the American Pop Idol Madonna who is ahead of the line launching the Red Madonna Lipstick in September just in time for the MDNA tour.

It is Madonna’s long time make up artist Gina Brooke, a professional beauty expert whose work has been shown in every major fashion magazine, who approached the well-known cosmetic brand MAKE UP FOREVER to create the perfect shade of red as an official lip colour for the MDNA tour.

According to LASH Magazine, Brooke revealed: “I loved working with MAKE UP FOR EVER to create a custom shade of Aqua Rouge specifically for Madonna. My biggest challenge was to find a lip product that was reliable and long lasting, and knew choosing something from MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Aqua range was going to be ideal especially with a minute and a half for touch ups between songs. There’s no room for mistakes. I wanted to come up with a perfect, pure red lip colour that would exude confidence and beauty. To me, the shade looks iconic, which is the perfect word to define Madonna and her career.”

In fact Aqua red #8 is fluid and easy to apply, with the shiny texture of a lip-gloss and the long lasting character of a lipstick. Part of the Aqua Range from MAKE UP FOREVER to be launched in September 2012, the iconic shade of red is perfect for Madonna’s tan but also sublime on any other skin.

One more fruit of a professional collaboration we will be looking forward to this fall. So make sure not to miss it if you’re a fan of the American Material Girl or if you simply enjoy looking good with a sweat-proof, smudge-proof and dance-proof lipstick to be worn anytime!

By Nathalie Akkaoui - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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