The name Stella McCartney was long known, even before the ambitious graduate from Central Saint Martins took over from Karl Lagerfeld and headed fashion giant Chloé in 1997. Being a child of a music legend isn’t easy, considering how high Sir Paul McCartney set the bar for his daughter. Instead of following her father’s footsteps though, Stella decided that the fashion world is a place, much more suitable for her, and, after designing pop icon Madonna’s wedding dress and being named Designer of the year several times, she proved that the McCartneys family has more to offer than “just” one of world’s greatest bands (excuse my partiality).

Being McCartney is surely a shortcut to being successful, but hardworking and talented Stella realises that not many other gifted designers like her have been granted the same extraordinary luck. Therefore, she announced the launching of a new sponsorship program to help home as well as EU and overseas students study in the prestigious Saint Martins College of Art and Design, which was once home of fashion icons, such as Christopher Kane, Alexander McQueen and John Galliano. The scholarship will be granted on the basis of "academic excellence and financial need", said Stella, who attended Saint Martins’ graduation ceremony where she also received a Honorary Fellowship, according to British Vogue. Starting this October, Stella will be funding talented students with £25,000 every year. Whoever the aspiring designers will be to get the scholarship, must agree to keep with her morals and promise not to use any animal products, such as leather or fur.

Stella, who is a passionate animal rights activist, is also launching a new lingerie collection made of recycled metal and organic cotton. The Stella collection will be available in August and will “fit, function and do its job first and foremost”. Apparently, comfort is most important to the famous designer, who confesses: “Well-made lingerie is key. Feeling constricted by one’s underwear just isn’t my thing.” Let’s hope the next CSM generation will inherit her moral and lifestyle concepts.

By Eti Tashkova - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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