While the heavy sun is warming our days, our minds dream the beach and the new fashion trends that this warm season will bring us. We are surely enthusiastic to have more reasons to go out and shop for new clothes, but we should also remember that other than only new mini-dresses we need to buy new bikinis.

As any other form of shopping, going out and buying bikini is both very fun and hard. We need to look around and chose the bikini which best suits our bodies since our bodies will be exposed much more. Bikinis have every cut and every colour and we need to be good enough and have lots of taste to chose not only the bikini we like the best but also the one which make us look the prettiest and leaving us satisfied.

Let’s opt for sexy bikinis with bright and joyful colours this summer and always remember, bikinis should match the dress or skirt we put on top of it to conclude our look in a beautiful way. For an elegant night party we should opt for a sexy one-piece with original designs. Surely we will all follow a diet before exposing our bodies this summer, but we should also gain the talent to buy bikinis and clothes which make our bodies flaws invisible and our best parts more than visible. So now we should all start looking for the bikini we like, which will make us look incredible this coming season.

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By Claudia Argomenti - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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