Upon my return to my home city of Zurich, Switzerland, I was greeted with an extremely pleasant surprise, a combination of my two favourite things - chocolate and fashion. The 30th of March marked the opening of The Salon du Chocolat, and it featured a mouth-watering fashion show.  There was no guarantee the audiences didn’t leave the room with their stomachs grumbling, but at least their eyes couldn’t have asked for a better spectacle.

The Salon has already acquired enormous international success, notably in capitals, such as Paris, Tokyo, New York, Moscow, Shanghai and Cairo. It was only logical for it to spread to the country, with the highest yearly rate of chocolate consumption per person. Nearly 60 specialists in chocolates and pastries attended this year’s show, in order to display their new creations, share recipes and offer their expert advice. While this definitely represented a sweet part of the event, the highlight remained the Défilée du chocolat.

Made from pure Swiss chocolate, designers created high fashion outfits. Models had their hair and make-up professionally styled, by one of the major hair salons in Zurich. While creating elegant designs out of chocolate for the catwalk must have represented quite a challenge for the designers involved, they all managed to showcase original ensembles, with corsages made of white chocolate, detailed skirts and even dresses, reminiscent of a bird’s nest. Through this live performance, Swiss designers proved that in a combination of tradition and artistic sensitivity, they deserved recognition as much as the rest.

Now, I realise that the event has passed and that having taken place in Switzerland, there is little chance that you were able to witness it first hand. At least, I’ve left you a bit of eye-candy with the accompanying picture. Besides, the shopaholic and chocaholic within me has a feeling this type of event will take off. Who knows, maybe next year we can all attend it together, in London this time?

By Aurelia Clavien - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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