1) The cap-toe-heel: I am sure you have seen these around in stores, but were wondering why you should own a pair. Well, these pairs of heels look very elegant and formal and make almost anything look officially sexy… if you get what I mean. Pair them with that corporate pencil skirt and at an office-dinner you will look chic as well as smart!

2) Metallic shoes: Bling-a-ling! Metallic shoes keep going in and out of fashion, so it is always good to just have them in that ever-so-dreamy walk-in shoe closet. They can be oxford shoes, peep-toe-heels or even metallic based platform pumps.

3) T-strap-heels: These shoes were famous in the 20’s and made every girl look like a ballerina from Swan Lake. Initially associated with ballroom dancing, these shoes are the epitome of class with comfort. If you want to go vintage then you definitely need to own a pair of these. The shoes are now produced to look elegantly classic with a twist of modern fashion.

4) Slippers: Comfort! Comfort! Comfort! These slippers are probably one of the most comfortable pairs of flat, closed pairs of shoes one can own. Usually worn on a more casual basis, slippers come in different designs so no one said you can’t jazz up your semi-formal attire.

Men will never understand our constant need of n numbers of shoes and heels, and neither will we ever be able to explain to them. Our dream of a walk-in shoe closet will always be hanging over our heads and owning almost every designed pair there is will definitely get us closer it. After all, he would have no choice but to make space in the house for all your shoes, won’t he?

By Tatiana Dias - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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