These boots were definitely made for walking and looking glamorous at the same time, and when you own a pair of each from the boots family tree, be ready to walk the talk with each of them.

1) The Rider - Probably the most common of the lot for those cold winter days. These boots are usually made from leather or suede and can literally be worn on anything, from skirts to trousers. These beautiful puppies make anything you wear look smart, provided they’re not riding up to your thigh (then you’d have to reconsider your clothes to fit the boots).

2) The Western - Lunches or dinner parties, these boots scream glam. These boots are the ones that have a slight heel and mostly end at your ankle - if not slightly higher. More for a semi-formal look the western boots give you the sense of style definitely from another era. These bad boys include the cowboy styled boots inspired from those oh so daring Clint Eastwood movies.

3) The Chelsea - More of a casual based boot, Chelsea boots are those that lie below your ankle. These boots are very similar to The Western, however they lack the touch of the countryside that the latter does. Like other boots these come in different heel sizes, mainly a slightly stocky heel kind.

4) The Moto - The name says it all. The biker chick look is one that never goes out of style. These leather boots scream rebellion and give you a tough ‘don’t-mess-with-me’ look. These moto boots are usually studded around the heel of the shoe or the toes, giving it a tougher look. The Moto are kind of bulky and do not go with everything in your closet, however they do come in different heel shapes as well, ranging from block to stiletto to wedge heels.

5) The Wedge - The most loved shoe of all for a sexy yet comfortable night out. The pair of boots that actually make anything you wear look chic. Mostly found as ankle high, these kind also go up to the knee. Whether it may be lace-ups or buckled or even zipped, these kinds of boots do not let you down.

By Tatiana Dias - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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