A Birkin handbag is every woman’s dream, add to that some diamonds, it becomes a true fantasy! Recently, Hermes launched four new Birkin bags crafted from gold and crusted with precious gems! Pierre Hardy, Hermes creative director and designer has one more time defeated the boundaries of the iconic Birkin introducing new and dazzling bag versions making the brand even more inaccessible for some, and craved by others!

And as Mr. Patrick Thomas, CEO of Hermes said, they have indeed gone a bit crazy with this bag! But the real question remains is it a bag or an oversized bracelet? In fact, the handbag’s handle do seem like a perfectly crafted diamond bracelet made to measure to fall beautifully around the wrist grabbing the attention with its individually crusted diamonds!

Each of the four bags is worth a $1.9 million, but despite this over the top price tag allocated to each of these dazzling creations, two designs have already been sold out the Kelly and Birkin.Only three units of each style were produced, so which lucky women own this little treasure now?

By Nathalie Akkaoui - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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