Wearing a pyjama suite on the red carpet sounds like one of those wardrobe nightmares, doesn’t it? Apparently it isn’t in real life. Celebs have now taken the out of bed look to a new level. The look which we thought mainly consisted of sexy smoky make-up, the ruffled hair and a smoldering expression has been pumped up to form a new style on its own.

So what is this new fad of wearing your pyjamas out as a fashion statement instead of wearing them in a warmed up bed this winter? Well a lot of celebrities have hit the high streets with this new, quite bizzare look. But that is what fashion is all about isn’t it? Basically this style ranges from very ‘nightwear looking’ to ‘gorgeously combined innovation’. Satin is the main choice of material here as it does not give the pyjama set a very casual look, and if it has prints then you can fool everybody.

Wear them with a pair of flashy earrings, a diamond bracelet or even a sexy pair of pumped up stiletto heels and you’re ready to turn your worst fashion nightmare into a dream come true.

By Tatiana Dias - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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