This weekend, special events will be taking place up and down the country to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s diamond Jubilee, marking 60 years on the throne. However, her majesty is more than just a figurehead as seen on our coins and notes: she has become something of a style icon in the same way as Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Kate Middleton have - she works a fresh, classic look that will always be in fashion, no matter the time or the era.

For sixty years, our queen has been making all the right style decisions, and as time has gone by, she has stayed stylish and current, standing out in bright colours and elegant designs, rather than slipping into the more comfy neutral knitted numbers favoured by our nans! Queen Elizabeth knows how to work the colour pop to her advantage, and is frequently seen working many events in sunshine yellows, bright pinks and pastel purples. A fan of accessories, her majesty is always perfectly accessorised, with perfectly co-ordinated handbags, hats and shoes (all beautiful in their own right, of course!).

As a young monarch, Queen Elizabeth took the approach of ‘less-is-more’ as her mantra, and chose beautiful, elegant pieces over the fads of the time. In the 80’s, there was no dodgy perm or acidic leg warmers in sight, and not a single Ra-Ra skirt to be seen, with our national treasure choosing ball-gowns in silk instead, giving her that elegance we all wish we could achieve! With hair always perfectly formed, and a simple make up look revolving around bright lips, our Queen has always looked classy and dignified - making her the perfect face for all our money. The royal wardrobe may be compromised mainly of staples and silk ball gowns, but our Queen still knows the value of a good statement piece, wearing a white suit covered in yellow flowers in 2011, and of course the ultimate statement piece: her wedding dress.

Although our future Queen had to purchase the fabric for her wedding dress with ration coupons as she married at the end of World War 2, she still went up the aisle in a dress envied by millions that wouldn’t look out of place in a high end wedding dress shop now! Her dress was a tight fitted silk number, with flower motifs and tulle appearing all over the beautiful dress, designed by Norman Hartnell. Accessorised with her iconic string of pearl necklace, a sparkly crown that gives the word ‘bling’ a whole new meaning and an extravagant veil; the dress truly gave our Queen her ‘style icon’ status!

To channel Queen Elizabeth’s regal beauty this Jubilee weekend, it’s all about the accessories! Think understated yet glamorous; all those staples you’ve been putting of purchasing for some time! The Queen is a big fan of pastels, so a great bag such as our Pastel Green Hermes Birkin Style Lightweight Holdall With Lock And Key for £19.99 is the perfect addition to your royal wardrobe as it’s a classic bag that will always be in style, and is the ideal choice to match with all those pastel suits you’ll be working in honour of Her Majesty! In terms of shoes with style, our Queen likes simple styles that are practical, yet pretty and with a little heel for that added glamour, so check out our Black Brogue With Velour Style Laces, now on sale for £14.99! With their classic brogue style and simple colour, these beauties will go with everything and would definitely get the royal seal of approval!

The Queen has been a style inspiration for sixty years now, favouring classic suits in stunning colours, elegant ball-gowns and the one-off statement piece. To channel her elegance this Jubilee weekend, look for classic pieces with clean cuts and bold colours! But don’t forget, to release your inner queen, you have to have the dignified behaviour to match (don’t have too many Pimms!).

By Meg Dixon - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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