Theme parks may not be a runway or a potential candidate to host a fashion show but outfit choices are still important! A spur of the moment idea has resulted in a trip to a theme park tomorrow. Aside from making a list of all the rides to go on, the issue of theme park attire has flitted to and fro in text messages.

Most may settle for a waterproof jacket or reach for an old pair of jeans but fashion doesn’t have to be compromised. Comfort is key, but a bin bag look can be avoided if chosen well. If there are any water rides, jeans may not be a good idea. They stick; they take half a day to dry and add unnecessary weight. The glorious weather this week means that shorts can be worn. It’s airy, convenient and tights can be worn if it gets chillier. If it’s a few degrees less, opt for trousers made with a lighter fabric such as cotton or linen. As for footwear, leave slip-on shoes and ballerina pumps at home. You won’t return with them, as they’ll most likely have a panoramic view of the park when they’re flying off your feet. Trainers, brogues or gladiator sandals are suitable walking shoes, stylish and won’t result in aching feet from queuing up (and possibly running).

Avoid clunky necklaces and dainty earrings; the last thing you’d want is for your ride photo to be spoilt with your jewellery strangling you. Designer handbags are lovely but may not be necessary. A larger handbag can be brought for extra clothing items and snacks to store in the park’s lockers whilst a small to medium across the shoulder bag can contain your valuables. The 4 Piece Blush Pink Tote Set as part of our Couture range will be perfect for your day out. Complete with a large tote handbag, detachable smaller bag as a day bag with the included shoulder strap and purse - at just £60.00, plastic carrier bags will be a thing of the past.

By Shu-Shi Lin - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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