Milan. One of the biggest fashion capitals in the world. So, a recent visit had me all excited to see some fabulous summer trends being rocked on the streets of Italy, but boy was I wrong! After expecting some of the worlds finest street style, I was disappointed to say the least. I’m hoping it was because all of the fashionistas were busy at work and not roaming the streets of Milan waiting to be stopped by a fashion blogger!

Amongst the horrific trainers and bomber jackets that everyone seemed to be wearing, possibly for comfort (a word not recognised in the fashion dictionary), I was able to spot some popular trends that made up for the lack of style I was witnessing.

Conforming to the stereotype many were keeping it chic in all black, but it wasn’t just any black clothing…. It was black, LEATHER clothing! Leather leggings, leather jackets, leather handbags, leather ankle boots. IT WAS EVERYWHERE! Despite the 26 degree weather the streets of Milan were filled with leather wearing, rock chic fashionistas who looked as cool as a cucumber.

The next trend was on the opposite end of the scale. From all black to a mixture of bright, block colours. Those Italians aren’t afraid to stand out! An array of blues to greens and orange to yellows were bravely worn with style and elegance. Don’t get me wrong, not everyone fully understood the colour contrast rule and were dressed head to toe in one colour (coat, shirt, trousers, shoes and handbag), a tad too matchy matchy if you ask me.

Maybe when I return in autumn/winter I will be greeted with quirky street style but until then the city has a new name,  Mila-non!

By Emily Hughes - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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