This season has had plenty of trend setting catwalks to take inspiration from, for what's to be inevitable trends for the season. Read on to see my instalment of our four favourite designers representing each of the fashion capitals of the world, starting with Phillip Lim.

Refreshingly, the Phillip Lim show gave us something to think about other than the eighties. With his beautifully gamine sixties look, Lim gave us his sweet and innocent girls complete with cute bobbed hair and youthful matte faces.

The predominantly raised hemlines and gold sequinned tops also fed into the swinging mood. Military featured heavily too, with more than a few sell-out investment pieces spotted; having a good coat is a must this season.

Flashes of pink and burnt orange, however, hinted at a slightly seventies affair, which his whimsical cascading ruffles, jumpsuits and dark burgundy tights took even further. With one model taking off her shoe and opting to hold it in her hand, it seems there is no clue more obvious than this that the it-bag has been well and truly replaced with the it-shoe.

The show’s front row included Jefferson Hack, Kanye West, Lucy Liu and an endless sea of buyers; and rightly so.

Lim, who was awarded the CFDA Emerging Talent title in 2007 has quite possibly out-done himself, creating a collection that goes far beyond his design tag of ‘sophisticated but cool’ and pushes him into the realm of the one of the decades’ notable design talents.

By Shannon Monteith - Catwalk Trend Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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