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Summer lives on, hitting us with a strong heat and the need for bold and eye catching colours to brighten up the streets. In London it’s often hard to find fashionistas rocking the brights, but Britons do a spectacular job livening up ensembles with glaring funky accessories.

And who better to look to for amazing colour palettes, than Mr. Valentino himself. His S/S 09 runway features a beautiful Stephanie Seymour clad in absolutely nothing except for a stunning floral-effect leather cobalt handbag and matching peep-toe sandals. Of course, with the dire economic climate, it’s hard to imagine how I could ever afford the accessories in the ad, or more importantly, live without them.

In a nod to tighten one’s belt, Valentino, who is presently suffering from the economic climate, has integrated a ‘minimum-cost’ with ‘maximum-effect’ look for the summer. Follow in Valentino’s footsteps - or stilettos! - and get the look nailed with an even a greater selection of colours to maximize your next fashionable outing: Leaf Design Leather Effect Handbags all £15.99, Beige Shimmer Canvas Peep Toe Platform - Sale was £28.99 now £16.99, Floral Woven Scarf With Tassel all £4.99.

And of course, don’t forget your shades for good measure.

By Daniella Cagol - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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