Jaw dropping and eye popping... check out these shoes! Apparently these shoes by Nina Ricci were The most talked about shoes on the runways this season - and we can certainly see why! Although that said, the models wearing them were adamant that Oliver Theysken's creations were actually easy to walk in. Hmm.

Sharing our uncertainty, Grazia magazine took it upon them to put it to the test! 10 inches high and heavy enough to knock you out flat, the Grazia girls said they were surprisingly comfortable to walk in. The sheer weight throws you forward and this helps to keep your balance.

It's no surprise then that four brave Japanese fashion addicts have already placed their order for these yet-to-be-priced sky scrapers!

If you love your high heels but are yet to brave it out with 10 inch platforms, check out some of our platforms to get the look nailed: Double Strap Fuchsia Patent Peep Toe Block Heels, Red Patent Block Heels with Gold Chain Detail, Red Patent Diamante Style Platform Sandals, Purple Patent Croc Effect Platforms.

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