Do you remember that one girl in high school that used to wear the nicest outfit, whose golden locks always looked effortlessly tidy and who looked as if she was rocking the catwalk while walking down the hallway? You used to make an imaginary scrapbook of her daily outfits and try to copy her impeccable style, although realising no effort would be enough. And while all her looks were incredibly elegant and trendy, you had that one favourite and (admit it!) it was the one time she slipped and committed a fashion crime…

This is the case with Cate Blanchett and me. She is undoubtedly one of my favourite red carpet walkers whose fashion decisions I eagerly follow, but seeing some of her photos from The Hobbit premiere in London, makes me gloatingly exclaim: “She makes mistakes too!” But while celebrating my victory over Hollywood glam, I started thinking - what if this is some sort of a new fairytale-inspired celebrity trend? After all, the past year offered us a number of big screen interpretations of our favourite childhood stories.

Perhaps then, Cate has always been a big Star Wars fan because her Givenchy gown seems a lot like an embellished version of Princess Lea’s costume. The floor length white dress by Riccardo Tisci was the best wear for the cold English weather considering its long sleeves and high neckline. Although it gave the 43-year-old actress a very graceful and modest look, it also made her look…well, boring. Even the gold shoulder and cuff accessories didn’t help much.

The only good thing about the dress was the wow-effect it created once the Australian star turned her back to the cameras revealing a daring backless cut out. Although intriguing, the back design couldn’t compensate for what was (or better wasn’t) going on at the front of the gown.

However, Cate never goes wrong with her accessories. Her ankle strap high heel sandals looked like Cinderella’s ballroom shoes (talking about fairytales) and her white clutch bag was straight from the hot-list of 2013 trends.

By Eti Tashkova - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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