No, she is not just another “trophy” wife. While proudly walking the red carpet hand-in-hand with her husband, Academy Award winner Colin Firth, fierce Livia also makes a strong fashion statement: it’s time for an eco revolution!

It’s doubtful that anyone would have guessed the huge success Mrs Firth would reach, when two years ago she decided to transform glamorous events, such as The Golden Globes, into a unique platform to express her great passion for ecology. It’s a fact though - friend of Earth, Livia, is at the top of her game.

After having some of the biggest names in the show business follow her steps on the red carpet, dressed in upcycled or created by using eco-friendly methods dresses (among which Cameron Diaz in her Stella McCartney glass beads dress and “Iron Lady” Maryl Streep in her Lanvin golden gown), Mrs Firth called on world-class designers to join her Green Carpet Challenge. Tom Ford, Carl Lagerfeld and Gucci are just on the top of the list with designers, inspired by Livia’s infectious enthusiasm to turn Hollywood’s vanity fair into an eco-friendly fashion show.

So what’s left to do after having the symbol of Italian elegance, Giorgio Armani, dress you up in a 100% sustainable and 200% fabulous gown for The Golden Globes? Launch your own ethical fashion collection, of course! Her new line, which comprises of five pieces - the obligatory for any self-respecting lady black dress, hand crafted necklace, two woolen hats and a hand-embroidered pashmina scarf - is focused on the essentials in a woman’s wardrobe. Mrs Firth, who is not only savvy-minded, but also has that model look that best sells her product, posed for the photo shoot herself. After all, who would introduce the new clothes of the ethically-minded better than “Green Queen of the Red Carpet” herself?

By Eti Tashkova - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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