Your boss is about to announce the lucky employee to get that a-ma-zing office you have dreamt about for ages and you unconsciously cross your fingers under the conference table. If you have ever done something like that - don’t worry, you are just one of millions of people who get a panic attack every time they smash a mirror or walk under a ladder.

As the UK superstition survey revealed, more than one third of the British population is highly superstitious, greater part of which - women. It is then unfortunate that in a week we’ll be facing one of the scariest superstitions of all - Friday 13th. Myth or not, it makes us all reach for the garlic cloves and the saltshaker. But how about this time we throw away that old rabbit foot and replace it with something a little bit more stylish?

1: Touch wood! Superstition Number 1 among British says that touching wood keeps bad luck away. So why not have a trendy piece of wood with you all the time? With an elegant necklace or a funky bracelet you not only attract good luck, but also the fascinated glances of everyone around you. Check out our Tribal Style Wooden Cuff Bracelet, now on sale for just £3.99 to keep the luck with you!

2: Fight magic with magic! Owls may have recently become super fashionable, but they have had their mysterious reputation long before that. These magical animals are symbol of harvest, wealth and good luck, so it’s a good idea to have one at (or better - on) hand! Check out our Silver Vintage Style Embellished Own Wrist Cuff, now on sale for £9.99.

3: Go green! And this time we are not saying this only to please all enviromentalists among us, but also because this soothing and refreshing colour is considered to be the best protection against unlucky events. From lime to forest and from handbags to shoes, green is the perfect colour to turn any unpleasant day, might it be Friday 13th,  into a feast (for the senses).

By Eti Tashkova - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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