Microelectronic circuits, robotic skins, supple sensors may probably sound like jargon in computer science field, however in nowadays fashion they are raw material in avant-garde fashion designer’s hand on their novel garments. Science material can now be craft into hi-tech fabric to reach a new definition of fashion in terms of their beauty, function and sustainability. With changing the methodology in which garments are produced and worn, scientific technology are now becoming a means of reforming fashion.

Well known acclaimed fashion Dutch designer Iris Van Herpen should undoubtly be the representative of the pioneer of digital technology. Her F/W2011-12 Escapism collection which is a tribute to 3D printing technology afforded her a reputation of a visionary designer not only because she applied 3D technology to fabricate her designs, but the way she utilise the technology to create innovative silhouettes and combine texture, structure and materials to bring in aesthetic extremes.

Under the shine of Van Herpen, new emerging jewellery company Francesca Smith which founded by a graduate student from London College of Fashion - BA Fashion Jewellery Francesca Smith, suggested a whole new vision of making garments with applying 3D design software and rapid prototyping into her Jewellery production. The way she drape garments with using only hi-tech jewellery is a model to futuristic sustainable and technological fashion development.

3D printing is a foreseeable trend in this age. The utilization of the technique not only corresponded to sustainable ethic but also suggested new definition of aesthetic notion. However, considering the utilization of 3D printing in the future, one must noticed that the limitation of 3D printing that they are still not stable enough to filter down to public is left to be solved, hence working on extensive usage of 3D printing should be a mission in the future to fashion designers.

By Jennifer Chan - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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