Collaborating with advertisement director Bruno Aveillan, French prominent luxurious jewellery brand Cartier newly launch a première epic short clip "L’Odyssée de Cartier" synchronously across fifteen metropolises including Paris, New York, Milan, Beijing, Hong Kong, Seoul, Dubai, Rio de Janeiro etc. Within a merely 30 minutes clips a dynamic yet untouchable image splendidly interpreted through stunning digital techniques and sound effects, reinforcing the supremacy of the brand.

The notion of intertwined multi-culture is fully demonstrated throughout the clips starring by an iconic Cartier Panther representing their nobility. The Panther follow the path of Cartier’s brother Louis, Pierre and Jack,  travel all the way long from Paris to Russia, China to India under elegant gesture, in order to seek for inspirations among various countries and cultures, revealing the intriguing stories behind their products.
A recent screened documentary “Gentleman Designer” which digs into the backstage of Paul Smith fashion world on the other hand, is for those who more interested in the producing of fashion industry for their tea time. This superb documentary unveils the very first motivations and inspirations behind his collections as well as his way of working by illustrating the incredible personal photography, notes and sketches. "You can find inspiration in everything. If you can't then you're not looking properly," says insightful British designer Sir Paul Smith. You can help but fall in love with him after discovering of his enthusiasm on fashion and curiosity of the littlest things in the world. In the inspiring documentary you can find Sir Paul hunting for vintage garments in Portobello Market or taking photographs in Paris, it explains his nostalgic products full of quintessential British style.  A book titled “Paul Smith's notes” is also been released alongside the documentary.

By Jennifer Chan - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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