As the weather appears to be following the popular saying – ‘April showers, May brings flowers’ – rather than gloomily staring out at the raindrops trickling against your window, why not commence with the spring cleaning ritual? In preparation for the warm and sunny days we’re all dreaming of, it’s time to get rid of the old, out-of-style items lingering in your closets, in order to make room for the new trends. However, as we all know, items we thought we’d never wear again decades ago can come back into style, so choose wisely! Having already cleaned out my own closet (my personal excuse to hit the e-stores), this week I’ve decided to leave you with a few tips to help with the de-cluttering:

What to throw out:

- Super short mini-skirts and hot pants, which don’t cover your bums (this especially goes out to some of the girls I have spotted in the night clubs). They are neither flattering, nor fashionable.
- Fishnet stockings - this season, replace them with a selection of colourful tights.
- Okay, so technically it’s part of your make-up bag, but replace your lipgloss with a bold lipstick, which paired with a natural face, will boost any outfit.
- Those high heel shoes you really can’t walk in - beauty is pain, but pain is not beauty.
- Last year’s bikinis - given that we wear these babies nearly all summer long, it’s important to begin a new year with fresh material.
- Store away that plain black handbag - I said it before, this season is all about colour (instead of dark shades, try replacing it with one of our Genuine Leather Multi-compartment Purses with Key Holder, available in eight colours, for £24.99).
- If you’ve recently lost weight, think about donating the clothes that no longer fit to a local charity.
- Any broken, worn out shoes, or torn items (if you truly feel that they are beyond repair).

What to Keep:

- The huge summer hat (the MUST beach trend for the summer).
- The worn out pair of jeans - with a sharp pair of scissors, a needles and some thread, you can turn these into a fabulous pair of retro-looking shorts.
- That outgrown sweater/t-shirt – this summer, we’re all wearing crop tops!
- Any ballet flat shoes - add more to your collection to have a selection of different colours.
- Espadrille shoes - the most comfortable of daily footwear (If you’re missing this item, check out our Dunlop Black Canvas Espadrille Shoes with Genuine Leather Insole, for only £14.99).
- Follow the 70/30 Rule by keeping any classic items, such as plain t-shirts, everyday trousers, etc., and mixing it up with a few eclectic items, such as a leather jacket.
- The LBD - the key ingredient in any classy woman’s closet (same goes for the pearl earrings and black stilettos).
- Anything coral - this is my new favourite colour of the season.
- Anything handed down to you from the 50s - this season, we’re going back to the years of Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor.
- Those ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ platform shoes - you thought you’d never see them again after the 90s; well, they’re back!
- A nice knit scarf for the chillier summer evenings (see our Luxury Deep Blue Over-Sized Long Chunky Knit Scarf, for £12.99)

I end this article by wishing all of you good luck with your spring-cleaning! I hope you’ll find the tips above helpful. Keep in mind that it’s better to donate unwanted items, provided that they are in good shape, than simply throwing them into the bin. To all the shopaholics out there, I apologise for giving you another excuse to fill the new gaps in your closets - if it’s any consolation, I feel your pain.

By Aurelia Clavien - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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