Do you enjoy spending hours trying on new items, or looking around trying to find the handbag you once spotted on a friend or in the latest issue of your weekly magazine? Do you get excited when a shopping trip is planned?

If you do, well soon this whole shopping experience will be replaced by a quicker online search provided by an engine!

The Snap Fashion application is your new shopping buddy as it allows you to find the item you are looking for in a snap! All you have to do is upload a picture you have taken from the product and the search engine will find the closest match to your choice!

The 25-year old computer science graduate and the brains behind this application said to Vogue: ‘"I was tired of shopping on a student budget," explained Griffiths. "I love admiring looks in magazines, on the catwalks and those that other women put together, but when it came to sourcing the items that I liked - within my budget - I struggled. Using technology to search via images seemed like the most obvious thing to do."

As it seems, this application will make our life easier, saving us time and hassle! But is it not taking the fun away from the actual display shopping, we as girls, find exciting?!

By Nathalie Akkaoui - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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