Summer is upon us and so arrives the many music festivals! Yes, you may be staying on a potentially muddy field for a few days but who’s to say that fashion choices should have to be compromised? Festival fashion is all about looking carefree and effortless; it celebrates the act of being young so your clothing choice should reflect it!

1 – Layering is key! It may be boiling hot during the day but British weather is famed for being unpredictable. 30C could suddenly turn to torrential wind and sudden flooding. Be prepared and wrap up warm! Bring a waterproof jacket, umbrella and wellies alongside your festival wardrobe!

2 – Leave awkward clothing items at home. I love playsuits and the way they look on but there’s nothing worse than needing the toilet when you’ve got one on. Wearing a jacket over the top makes it even trickier!

3 – Don’t bring any valuables with you. Mud, rain, alcohol and a festival full of people. You do the maths. Leave your expensive jewellery at home! If need be, bring costume jewellery! Hair accessories and dry shampoo will be your best friends! If for some reason, you’re unable to wash your hair - hats, headbands and hair ties will save your hair looking an oily mess.

4 – Military prints and khaki is perfect to wear to a festival. The earthy tones are flattering, suitable and versatile. Try pairing a camo military jacket, skater dress with biker ankle boots or wellies - it looks tough but has a touch of girliness. Wearing earthy hues are also perfect for replicating a bohemian vibe!

So here’s the basic rundown for a festival ready wardrobe! It’s easy to get swept into hoping it’ll constantly be nice weather, but remember that you will be camping outdoors for a few nights!

By Shu-Shi Lin - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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