Fashion may be on a forecasted cycle but some trends never seem to die. Camouflage/army/camo print is one of these. Not only is it a great investment for future fancy dress parties but camo print really can work as part of your daily wardrobe. This image of Beyoncé shows how good it can look, despite the trousers being designed by Balmain and costing around £900; she pulls the look off. But, let’s be honest, Beyoncé can do no wrong.

Charity shops and vintage markets are perfect for finding the army pieces you desire to work this style. Whether its trousers, a jacket or accessories, you could create some fabulously edgy looks. This season, studded clothing is huge. Yes, huge. So if you’re that creative, add them to a piece you already have or can get on the cheap. If not, eBay is ideal for homemade pieces like this and is full of them. It could even work as a place to sell what you make! Don’t be afraid to rock the punk look.

As your daily, holiday or festival fashion, this look can be worked and reworked, season after season.

By Nicole Benson-Feathers - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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