With the screening of Confessions of a Shopaholic, I guess most women started asking themselves if they resembled the main character’s position. I think most answers were positive because most of us LOVE shopping. From the most insignificant clothes or accessories to the most important dress and pair of high heel shoes, we love to spend some time with our best friends and buy fashion trends which will make us appear even more beautiful.

We should just know how, where and when to shop. For example we should avoid buying insignificant clothes which we can live without whenever we are going through a period in which we are trying to save money for a trip or anything else. We should also chose which day is more suitable for us, bearing in mind how full the high streets are. We should also never forget that an easy and comfortable way to shop is also online.

Our biggest problem, as women and consumers, is that we really can’t moderate ourselves in front of a pretty dress which we could wear on a hypothetical party, or those shorts which would look amazing on you when you will lose some weight since you are on a long - period diet which you follow only sometimes. So girls, go out and shop some more because, we can’t fool ourselves, it’s nice and it make us feel much better, but do it with intelligence.

By Claudia Argomenti - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK

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