Want a handbag you can use day AND night? Get ahead of the autumn/winter trend this summer with a mini bag. Although it seemed like the bigger the bag the more fashionable it was, it's time to downgrade. Mini bags are set to be huge this Autumn.

Give your shoulder a break and start using that arm candy with only room for the essentials. As we know we all seem to bring out kitchen sinks with us on a normal shopping trip. A mini bag will prevent you from bringing out anything unnecessary which is weighing down your shoulder. Instead weigh yourself down with more shopping!

At Paris Fashion week in March, mini bags were a favourite for Chloe's AW 2012 line. The handbag is perfect to go from day to night saving you time when getting ready, now there's no need to spend ten minutes deciding which bag to bring (you'll just need those extra minutes in the morning instead).

How do you wear it? Look magazine recommend wearing your it across your body so your bag sits on your hip. Katy B was spotted sporting this trend last week! Look also say that bags with a chain 'amp up the look after dark.' To get the look nailed why not try our Chanel style Quilted Shoulder Bag With Silver Chain Detail in Deep Red or Taupe reduced to £16.99 for that sophisticated look. Although small, a bright bag - like the deep red - can make an outfit stand out.

If you want to try something different for the evening, try putting the chain handle inside the bag to turn it into a clutch bag. A mini bag can go with any outfit for any occasion depending on the style and colour.

By Roxii Hoare-Smith - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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