I am a passionate fashionista, but I admit it – there are some trends that I like to admire from afar (for some reason leather outfits have never been my thing, for example).

However, this new shoe trend doesn't fall into that category. There are sometimes items that get you by the first sight and you know they are going to end up in your wardrobe. For me, this is the case with stocky high heels.

From Chanel to Valentino - everyone seems to be embrasing the new fashionable must-haves. Now they are off the catwalk and right on the streets, so why not get a pair of chich temptations that you can actually walk in?

Statistics show that English ladies wear the highest heels in Europe, but I can assure you this is about to change. And I will be one of the first to take advantage of the new trend – let's say I'll be more than happy to spend those 10 pounds I give for a cab because I can't walk those 5 blocks on a new handbag, or that I won't have to carry around my old flats everywhere and change in elevators or on the train, just to make a good impression.

If you are also a fan of this new trend, there's only one last thing to make sure you get right - colour. Since the weather is getting from bad to worse, I would recommend a few splashes of bright colour to make the grey city scene more fun. So go for the pinks, ladies!!!

By Eti Tashkova - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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