Over the past few weeks, whilst hitting the town with a group of friends, I couldn’t help but notice the numerous fashion faux pas committed around me. As such, I have decided to dedicate this blog to those girls out there, who may need help when creating their ‘going out’ look. Now, I don’t claim to hold all the answers. I myself cannot say that I have not made a few wardrobe and cosmetic slip-ups in the past. For this reason, I would like to pass on a few words of wisdom, taken from my own experiences and observations.

1) Your face is not a canvas and your make-up is not acrylic paint! Be careful not to overdose on cosmetics. Too often have I seen girls in clubs or even during the day, looking like they spent way too much time under the UV rays. Resembling an orange is neither natural, nor appealing.

2) If you can’t walk in them, don’t wear them - especially when your balance may already be off with the alcohol! At a certain point in the night, the street seems to fill up with girls stumbling around, twisting their ankles or just giving up and walking barefoot from their high heel shoes. This is neither hygienic, nor attractive!

3) If it doesn’t cover your bottom, you will definitely not be attracting a decent man, let alone portraying yourself in a classy way. A few nights ago, I spotted a girl, wearing a tight bodycon dress that was way too short for her. Take it from me, the more you hide, the more you leave to be discovered.

4) Cellulite is every woman’s nightmare - don’t make it public. If you are battling this problem, cover it with a longer skirt or some nice (tight) jeans.

5) If you have a bit of a stomach (another female nightmare), don’t wear a crop top. I realise that these are in style now, but let’s face it, they are sadly not for everyone.

6) If you have love handles, don’t wear tight, low-rise trousers. Instead, try a medium-rise. It will give you a seemingly slimmer silhouette.

7) Keep jewellery to a minimum. Remember, you’re going to be dancing like crazy, so don’t wear massive, dangling earrings - accidents can happen.

8) No socks with heels, please! Believe it or not, I have actually spotted this major mistake.

9) Match, match, match! Contrasting colours may work on occasion, but it’s risky. You’re clubbing at night, so I would advise you to avoid the flashy (let alone neon) colours.

In short, DRESS FOR YOUR BODY SHAPE! That is fashion rule Number One! If you’re unsure, whether an outfit fits you properly, ask a friend or family member. One of the best parts of going out is getting ready. Have fun with it! Shopping with others makes the experience so much better, and if you’re in the mood, you can even do a pre-outing fashion show for your friends to help you in your outfit choice. In the end, we all make mistakes, even celebrities are routinely scrutinized for their appearance. Vulgarity is to be avoided at all times! You want people to admire your fashion taste, not criticise it (well, except in the case of those envious of your fabulous choices). So, the next time you go out, take my tips into consideration, and just have a blast!

By Aurelia Clavien - Fashion writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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