Every year, millions of animals are being killed for fashion industry. Fur used from animals are either caught in the wild known as wild fur or produced in fur farm called farmed fur. Most of the world’s farmed fur is produced within EU where 6,000 fur farms are still running. The EU accounts for 63% of global mink production and 70% of fox production in which Denmark, China, the Netherlands and the U.S are major producers while Finland is the largest United States supplier of fox pelts. Approximately 27,790,000 of animals in average are used by fur farm while 8,559,303 of animals are being trapped in wild yearly, the amount is dreadful.

One of a noticing point is the brutal ways of catching animal. In wild, animals are being caught by either traps or snares whereas Leghold and conibear trap are widely used. Preys trapped in those equipment are likely to end up with severe injured in anxiety and fear, yet, most of them stay alive after struggling until the trap being torn off, they will then flee with only three legs to a slowly and painful death due to infection. Moreover, others species which excluded of the target list are often victimized by unintended catches for instance cat, dog, sheep or bird etc. Unexpected preys in which a jargon in the industry known as”trash” are usually be thrown away. As for those desired catches that could not get out of the traps would face execution whether by nature or by human after being exposed under broad daylight for days. Predator kills them at the end by choking, beating, cudgeling or breaking their neck.

Responding to soaring fur against forces, United Kingdom and Austria are thus passed a prohibition to the breeding of animals for fur production. Following all Swedish fox farms have been shut down in 2000, in 2008, a policy of eradicating all fox and chinchilla farms in Netherlands was implemented alongside with a prohibition for trading cat and dog fur among EU. However, the world should stay vigilant as most of the species are still being abused for the name of fashion and accessories.

Numbers of high-end fashion designer have committed themselves against fur including Calvin Klein, Stella Mccartney, Herve Leger, Charlotte Ronson etc, as well as many models have join the rank. A recent promotion trailer against fur with focusing on fashion industry which produced by PETA visualized an idea when models switching position with the animals that provide the fur. What if humans had to face a threat of being captured or skinned everyday in order to be put on animal models under spotlight just for minutes of triumphs and satisfaction? If it sounds ridiculous and inhuman to you then you should take off your fur, and put on your humanity before the situation is irretrievable.

By Jennifer Chan - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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