In fashion field the word”luxury” could be referring to products or services on a very high standard, however, it elicits no clear understanding. Luxury is substantially argued by critics that it is a slippery term to define while strong involvement of judgments and human elements are taken into account as well as others views. Even if the argument is continued, public still preferably believe that luxury goods are conducive to self comforting and pleasure as well as the owner esteem, apart from functional utility.

For the word “ecology” on the other hand, it describes the way biological system remain productive and diverse over time for example woodland and forest. For humans, sustainability refers to enduring well-being in environmental social and economic dimensions. Both terms “Luxury” and “ecology” are becoming controversial individually, but can they co-habit to reach sustainable luxury?

Suzanna Lee from central saint martins gives us a sample. Using growing textiles, her latest garment “biocouture” jacket is made from bacterial cellulose. Instead of coming from crops and plants, the cellulose produced by bacteria grown in bathtub of green tea, a brilliant ecologically alternative to cotton.

Textile pioneer Carole Collet from the same collage contributes to the field by exploring language and codes inherent to textiles. For the past years, Carole aimed at researching on combining textile and biology, craft and ecology with intelligent materials and technologies. After she exhibited Suicidal Textiles which was series of garden textiles inspired by Nobel Laureate Sir John Sulston, her current research inspired by biomimetic principles focus on develop synthetic bio-textile out of apoptosis and osmosis, alongside with creating textile activated by chemical sensing.

The promote of up taking the use of bio-material from non crops into a lower carbon emission supply chain and the benefit of using renewable products can replace fossil resources in order to reduce GHG emission. So far, linking ecology to luxury seems the most effective way to persuade consumers for being ecologic and conduct fashion industry towards sustainability.

By Jennifer Chan - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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