Even though you would hate to admit it, you do like to follow your favourite sitcom characters and their styling. From Serena’s hairstyles to Blair’s hairbands, we have loved the various styles these stars have portrayed. One show that has reflected a simple yet stylish wardrobe is Pretty Little Liars. Although we have seen our share of the Gossip Girl and 90210 wardrobes, there is something very real about this set of costumes. PLL portrays high-school students facing normal teenage challenges with a twist and therefore does not have that a high-profile wardrobe as the Serena’s and Naomi’s of the TV world. Simple yet chic, each character (including the dead ones) reveal themselves through their wardrobes. What you see on the show isn’t something that is out of reach or your budget, and that’s what makes it real for us poor ones!

Spencer Hastings (Troian Bellisario) plays an ambitious character, whose family ranks as one of the elites in Rosewood. Her wardrobe revolves around more classic pieces such as Chanel, Ralph Lauren and Marc Jacobs as well corporate looking outfits such as high-waist skirts, shirts, dresses and blazers, with a touch of her own. According to the shows costume designer Mandi Line, she’s the kind of girl who would take something out of her mom’s wardrobe and spruces it up with a belt or some other accessory. In most episodes Spencer carries-off the high-aspiring, prim and properly-dressed girl look. However, her relaxed leggings with a loose and long tank top look works well for her too. If you want to go for this look, blend the old in with the new and create your own style.

Hanna Marin (Ashley Benson), is the Queen Bee of the school and therefore her character is reflective of a more girly girl. Her wardrobe is purely defined of upscale minis, frilled tops and dresses, blazers and a lot of jewellery. Hannah’s wardrobe is purely defined as something one would wear to a party or a formal dinner. She tends to wear a lot of chiffon blouses with ruffles paired with bodycon skirts and a pair of high heel shoes. If you want to nail this look, think what would a girl wear? Go in for frills and ruffles, heels and wedges and bright and pastel based colours.

Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale) is the epitome of uniqueness. Aria has a completely whacky style of her own and isn’t afraid to show who she is through a wardrobe. She tends to avoid the girly-ness in her clothes, yet at the same time she doesn’t look outrageous. Her wardrobe combines a lot of vintage clothing and accessories. In an interview Mandi stated that she felt closest to Aria as the character’s choice of style reflected her own. The character is such that she would wear anything even if it isn’t perfect. One-eared earrings were a trend that continued through Aria. Want to nail this look? Then pick out the tacky stuff from your wardrobe and start snipping. Take an old maxi skirt and turn it into an A-line skirt. Take an old t-shirt, rip its sleeves, cut out its bottom tie a bow on its end and voila! you have a new cropped top.

The last liar, Emily Fields (Shay Mitchell) is the one you and I can relate to. Her wardrobe is the simplest and easiest to put together. She could be defined as the girl next door and that is why her attire does not need that much thinking. ‘Em’ as her friends call her is the jock of the group and therefore you mainly see her in sneakers or flip flops (besides the occasional party-girl heels). If you want to dress like Emily then think denim skirts, shorts, cropped tops, tanks. Glam them up by pairing it with the right colours in the right way and accessorise minimal, but do it well.

Continue following these four stylish divas as Pretty Little Liars is set to hit back on the screens on June 5th. And if you haven’t watched these liars in action, then join the whirlwind of mystery as once you start watching it you will get addicted.

By Tatiana Dias - Fashion writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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