Gladiator sandals are again at the peak of summer fashion for 2009 after making big steps in the fashion world last year and refusing to go away, yet where are the gladiator sandals to be found for men? In ancient times gladiators wore sandals, which were often just a pair of leather soles strapped to their feet with leather guards to protect their shins. Back then, gladiator sandals served a practical purpose but today they cater to a very different and mainly female crowd. Perhaps it is simply the exposure of men’s feet that makes people nervous.

While female trends do occasionally cross over into male fashion, the gladiator sandal craze has been loosely translated in some ways for men this season but so many men are not sporting the trend because the sandals are so difficult to find.

With the many heeled versions of gladiators around this summer for women, it appears that today’s gladiator sandals complete with weapon-like stiletto heels may be better suited for combat than the originals.

The gladiator remains the sandal of choice for another year for most women so perhaps 2010 will be the year gladiators finally start reaching the male population and allow men to start putting the flip flops away? Men started the gladiator trend back in Greek and Roman times and its time the fashion world was reminded of that. It’s about time men’s fashion got a little more adventurous.

By Russell Arkinstall - Men’s Style Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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