The over-whelming smell, the blast of colour and lines of lotions and potions can only mean one thing… you’ve just walked past lush! Known nationwide for the bath bombs and crazy looking skin treatments Lush have recently launched their very own make up collection.

The 30 piece Emotional Brilliance collection is cute, fun and super-duper colourful with something for everyone and every occasion. With so much to choose from Lush is allowing us to indulge on make up samples in stores, by implementing a colour wheel in every store that'll help you pick out products and shades depending on your mood. If that hasn’t sold you then maybe the environmentally friendly, recyclable and quirky packaging will!

Surely we can’t pass up the opportunity to try out such environmentally kind and cute makeup? Saving the planet one lipstick at a time…

By Emily Hughes - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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