Oxford shoes to me are like every girls best friend. This stylish footwear choice mixes fashion and style with intellect, beauty, chic, feminine and modish impression.

Originally from Ireland and Scotland, this shoe style started off with a masculine history, becoming an essential part of men’s wardrobes.

In recent years however, it’s also become almost a staple in a woman’s wardrobe with modernised styles emerging and the style becoming available in an array of colours.

Previously, most women did not consider an Oxford shoe to be compatible with the rest of their wardrobe or their style of dressing, but with masculine trends becoming acceptable for women to wear as well, the style has seen rocket sales and now its become a point of which woman doesn’t own a pair of these gorgeous and comfortable shoes?!

There are lots of ways to wear these shoes and lots of fab accessories that you can pair them with. I’ve covered some of the key styles and dressing combinations to consider:

-    For A/W, wear fringed Oxford shoes with layered clothing and chunky knit socks over tights. It will give a glimpse of modish fashion.
-    Pair your Oxford shoes with leggings and a large over-sized sweater or jumper and acquire one of the popular casual styles.
-    Combine Oxford shoes with your favourite denim shorts, an over-sized scarf and a wide brimmed hat and trench coat.
-    Achieve a relaxed vibe in any season by combining your favourite jeans, a blazer and a dressy top.
-    One of the most popular styles with Oxford shoes is wearing your thigh length high socks, a skater skirt and a cardigan.
-    Oxford shoes give a flattering appearance when paired with coloured tights. This style will transit your look to a trendy preppy one.

By Anna Riad - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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