This year’s red carpet had a great deal of trends to offer - we saw the Twilight-inspired vampire-wannabe look with black lace and blueberry lips; we were torn whether we like the rough dominatrix style (personally, I think there can only be one bondage queen and that, undoubtedly, is Miss Rooney Mara); and finally, we observed with mixed feeling how a bunch of celebrities went from long to short following girly-gone-tomboyish Rihanna and her ever more extravagant haircuts.

Although I truly enjoyed the dynamic fashion scene this season, on the eve at the end of an era (yes, I am talking about the grand finale of fashionistas’ favourite TV show, Gossip Girl - this really IS the end of the world), I just want to shout “Enough with the masculine look, give us Blair Waldorf!”

Indeed, it seems as if we’ve tossed our headbands aside, forgotten our skirts at the back of the wardrobe under a pile of boring shirts and replaced the hot pink manicure with black nail polish to suit our trendy goth outfit.

If there’s anything that can bring femininity back in these hard-to-be-a-girly-girl times, this is definitely ruffles. From Calvin Klein to Lanvin to Valentino, everyone is in love with this sophisticated and glamorous look that makes heads turn with its delicate lines and the 70s nostalgia it brings along.

Of course, the trend is now updated and modern so the only thing left to worry about is simply not to overdo it and end up looking like a fierce Latina coming back from a flamenco competition. To remain classy and elegant combine ruffles with a fitted blazer or lean pants. It goes without saying that high heels are obligatory. The most important thing you have to remember - just one piece of ruffles is more than enough to make you look adorable, don’t suffocate yourself in too much of it.

Take an example from our favourite, Amanda Seyfried, who showed up at the London Les Miserables premiere in black and white Balenciaga dress with plunging neckline and thin straps. The 27-year-old actress finished her look with simple accessories and black satin shoes and styled her hair on one side to go with the asymmetrical design of the gown. That’s an A+ look!

By Eti Tashkova - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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