Festivals, while without a doubt the events to be seen at this summer, are also the trickiest events to dress fashionably for. Dressing for a festival is a little like dressing for a surprise holiday - you need to be prepared for sunshine, rain, cold weather, mud and everything inbetween! But at the same time, there’s the need to look totally photo ready, due to friends left, right and centre whipping out their cameras at every available point, as well as the possibility of being seen on TV! Having recently attended the (very muddy) Isle of Wight festival, I’ll take you through the trends all the cool kids rocked, as well as advice on how to work it in the rain!

Firstly, you couldn’t turn around without bumping into an indie kid with funky dip dye in a bright colour. Dip dye is this summer’s biggest hair trend, and it’s perfect for those summer festivals with its relaxed vibe. Inkeeping with the chilled out trend, pretty tie dye t-shirts, shorts and accessories were popular due to going with everything and being comfy festival wear that still looks cool after a downpour (or twenty!). The second big print of IOW festival 2012 was florals, the brighter the better! Florals have been all over the catwalks this year, however they’ve really bloomed this summer by being bolder and bigger than ever before! Although there might not have been many daisies visible at the festival due to a mad amount of mud, they were the flower of choice for fashion forward festival go-ers, with designs varying from pretty high-waisted shorts to flattering peplum tops. To make your flowers festival safe, team your cute shorts with a pair of black leggings to keep you snug in the evenings (when they’re tucked into your wellies, you won’t even be able to tell they’re not tights - best idea ever!), and team your t-shirts with a colour pop cardigan to make sure you’re not lost in those crowds. To protect your feet from all that mud and still be totally on trend for Summer 2012, invest in our Pink Floral Design Wellington Boots for £22.99, and guarantee yourself warm feet, as well as change left over for the beer tents!

Although florals and tie dye are pretty normal festival uniform (just chillllll, dudeeee), IOW festival 2012 had an unexpected neon-preppy vibe, with stylistas digging out their dad’s old woolly jumpers, geek glasses and shirt collars, and the party animals standing out in neon crop tops and tight denim hotpants (note to all: denim doesn’t dry quickly – don’t make that mistake!). The fields were a glorious mishmash of old jumpers and bright colours, as well as squelchy wellies! So, to steal IOW style, dig out your dad’s jumper for your festival of fun - an economical and warm choice for those chilly nights in the beer tents. A cute collar can totally make or break an outfit , and it’s a simple addition that looks good rain or sun. And as all fashion worshippers know, neon is the colour to be seen in now, and it’ll make you stand out a mile away in the crowds - definitely the way to pull that lead guitarist!

And other festival survival tips? Invest in a rain poncho. They’re not stylish but when you feel as though you’re standing under a shower due to the rain, you won’t regret it! If you’re worried about covering up your perfectly planned festival outfit, go for a transparent poncho to stay dry in style. Secondly, the festival may as well have been a wellington fashion parade for the beautiful boots at every corner! Patterns ranged from sparkly, to shiny, to matte to floral – however checked is a pattern I’m yet to see! Check out our Black And Grey Checked Glossy Wellington Boots, or for a more animal feel, our Green Paw Print Glossy Wellington Boots, both available for the small price of £22.99. Finally, the perfect handbag will make your whole festival experience. It needs to be small enough not to get in the way when you’re wrestling your way to the front of the crowds, but big enough to hold your phone, a camera, that emergency poncho, your purse and a sneaky drink (if you’re feeling rebellious enough to sneak one in!). It also needs to be rain-proof and suitably stylish to fit in with your outfits. Luckily, A-SHU has the perfect bag available for only £45.00! Our Small Black Genuine Leather Bag With Long Shoulder Strap is available in no fewer than nine colours, and its small design makes it the perfect size for all those essentials. You know you want to…

Although our typically British weather isn’t that perfect festival sunshine we all want, with our great festival survival tips, it’s still possible to look stylish and have a great time!

By Meg Dixon - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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