Inspired by the city of Carnevale, mysterious masks and colourful dolci, the Venice Film Festival is not only reputed for its amazing list of attending directors and actors but also the fashion these choose to display. During the first day of the festival, celebrities from all over the world astonished spectators and journalists alike with outfits designed especially for the occasion. Here’s the low-down on some of my favourites and definite no-no’s.

One of my favourite outfits spotted at the Opening Ceremony was a backless Armani Privé gown, worn by Polish actress Kasia Smutniak. The elegant, red dress accentuated the actress’s slim and elongated figure. Plus, Smutniak followed the Number One fashion rule of choosing between either showing off her back, or cleavage - both would have been classified as bad taste. In quite a similar style, actress and singer Violante Placido walked the red carpet in a gorgeous, light Alberta Ferretti gown. Delicately wrapping around her waist with a sheer material, the dress represented the perfect choice for a film festival of the genre. Proudly walking hand-in-hand with her partner, Liev Schreiber, Naomi Watts also stunned in a lacy, nude Marchesa gown, which matched Kate Hudson’s splendid Atelier Versace gown. As for the famous French actress and model, Laetitia Casta, I remain undecided about the revealing, lacy, black Dolce & Gabbana dress she chose to wear. On the one hand, I like the dress’s delicate pattern. On the other, however, I do find it a tad too revealing for a soirée. Nevertheless, it is far from being as distasteful as some of the other dresses having appeared on the red carpet.

Despite her status as a fashion designer, the dress worn by Olga Sorokina was a disappointment. While the black dress greatly elongated her figure, I felt that the many thin, black belts wrapped around her waist broke the classy image of the dress. Similarly, both PR Tiziana Rocca and Italian actress Isabelle Adriani should have stepped away from the tutus. After all, the Venice Film Festival is not a fairytale carnival but a high-class event. The tutus worn by both women did not flatter either of their bottle-shaped figures, especially when combined with a fake tan. Italian TV presenter Fiammetta Cicogna also made a fashion faux pas with her lacy Alberta Ferretti dress, which, in my opinion, lacked shape and delicacy.

If you haven’t yet tuned into the festival, I highly recommend doing so before it quickly comes to an end. I can guarantee that there will be a wide range of interesting outfits to admire as well as criticize over the next few days.

By Aurelia Clavien, Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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