After a successful event in June, London Collections AKA London Fashion Week for Men will take place once again in January! The event in June was the first London Fashion Week for men to take place. Happening between  7th and  9th January, will once again take place over three days with catwalk shows and parties, just like your usual fashion week only shorter and featuring mens clothes, obviously. David Walliams and Tinie Tempah are just two of the well known names on the panel behind the big event.

So who will be interested in this event? Mashionistas is the appropriate term for male fashionistas according to the Daily Telegraph. Yes there are men out there who have a passion for fashion and something is being done about!

The Daily Telegraph also reported that research shows that men spend 24% more than women in a single transaction. Do men love fashion MORE than women or do they just spend more at once because they want to get shopping over and done with in one go? Although Burberry recently announced their sales in menswear has risen by 26% this year and I thought we were in a recession?

By Roxii Hoare-Smith - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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