The time has come to start planning trendy outfits to wear to those amazing summer music festivals. Faced with unpredictable weather changes and a lack of a proper changing space, dressing for festivals is far from an easy task. As such, it is frequently assumed that one can merely throw something on and be done with it. Do not be fooled! Music festivals are the ideal places to play with fashion trends and display your loyalty to good style, no matter the circumstance.

In order to master festival dressing, it is essential to sport a relaxed look. Remember the key fashion rule: dress for the occasion. You will be dealing with rain, wind, mud, drunk people – wearing delicate material is a definite no-no. For this reason, the Boho style, which is one of my personal favourites, is perhaps the most ideal fashion trend to follow during such events. The best feature of this style is its flexibility - the key words are mix-and-match, accessorise grunge and vintage.

Here are some examples of festival fashion essentials:

- The floppy straw hat (sure, we mentioned the rain and mud, but you should also be prepared for scorching hot weather!). Think 70s!
- The flowery mini-dress
- The over-sized sunglasses (you can even have fun with the shape of the lenses – try hearts, for example)
- The khaki parka
- The worn-in jean shorts
- The maxi-skirt (think long and flowy). Try matching it with a cool crop top.
- The Wellingtons
- The jewellery i.e. long necklace, bangles and dangly earrings (beads make for perfect additions to any festival outfit)
- The flower headband (for a more hippy look)
- The light scarf
- The vintage leather pouch

As for your hair, because I know what you’re all thinking – humidity and nowhere to plug in a straightener equals my nightmare – ladies, rest assured, there exist plenty of ways to keep the frizz under control. Why not try braids? Or, if your hair is naturally wavy, just add some nice accessories, such as flower pins or a headscarf. For what it’s worth, long locks make for the preferred festival look.  

I hope that the above pointers will be helpful! I’ve limited myself to giving fashion advice; now, it’s up to you to choose the music you will dress up for!

By Aurelia Clavien - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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