Swedish fashion blogger Elin Kling started out blogging about fashion back home in Sweden. Today, she lives in New York, has started her own fashion magazine; Styleby, was the first blogger to design a collection for the Swedish retail chain H&M, started her own clothing line with designer Nhu Duong; Nowhere, as well as one of the first blog platforms; NowManifest. The blog platform was sold last month to magazine publisher Condé Nast.

We envy Kling’s minimalistic, laidback style and her effortless good looks (she used to be a model as well, is there anything this girl hasn’t done??). We also envy her jet set life; she regularly dines and wines with the fashion elite and travels the world, all well documented on her blog.

Most of all, though, we envy her business sense. Everything she has built didn’t come easy, although it might seem that way. To become one of the most successful bloggers there is hard work involved. Kling explains: ”Blogging is one of the most competitive things you can do, if you want to succeed you have to work damn hard to get there.”

By Hilde Falck - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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