By no means do I wish to play beauty police once again. However, when I continue to see girls walking down the street, who look like they just raided an ex-Hippy’s closet, I can’t help but believe that certain guidelines need to be set. It has come to my attention that a few girls need to be alerted to some common beauty mistakes. I have outlined what I consider to be the top ten below.

1) Your face and neck are meant to be the same colour, unless you want to look like you just stuck your head out of the window for hours. As such, be careful when applying bronzer or face powder. Apply it evenly across the face, neck and chest. If you have clear skin, reach for a more natural, light concealer.
2) Super long, fake nails - Come on, girls, how can you get anything done with those? I wouldn’t even be able to text! Having perfect nails is not worth sacrificing your social or work life.
3) Piling on the bronzer. You want to look like you had a good walk in the sun, not like you dipped yourself in a bowl of chocolate.
4) Visible lip liner - Blend, blend and blend!
5) Chipped nail polish - If you only have a spot of red covering the middle of your nail, take it off and reapply. You’re not fifteen anymore.
6) Non-existent eyebrows. Pluck, don’t wax and draw a line back on. Life is not an episode of Desperate Scousewives.
7) Tattoos all over your body. One is cool and original. A tattoo that makes it look like someone graffitied your back, arms or legs is not.
8) Too many piercings - Keep in mind that classy is better than vulgar.
9) Crazy hair colours. Unless you’re planning to join the Muppet Show, avoid dying your hair a bright pink, blue or other such colours.
10) Multicoloured eye make-up. Clowns are scary to most of the population. You don’t want to be associated to them, unless you’re attending a children’s party.

By Aurelia Clavien - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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