When you see a woman wearing shoes with red soles, you know she is wearing Louboutin heels (despite what YSL might think). Admit it, we all want a pair of those amazingly sexy, elegant high heels. Everybody seems to love Louboutin; it’s nearly impossible to spot a celebrity without them. Surprisingly, Louboutin never advertise and the French shoe designer doesn’t even give away free pairs to the many celebrities that do the advertising for him. They only get a discount.

Regardless, Christian Louboutin has certainly made a name for himself, as well as his signature red soles. This year is his 20th anniversary for the brand and the event is celebrated by the Design Museum in London with an exhibition that showcases his most famous and special designs.

The exhibition is so far reportedly their most popular one to date, and I definitely understood why after a visit. If you like Louboutins, if you like shoes, it is worth a trip! A hologram of burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese performing in a Louboutin shoe added that extra to the exhibition that Louboutins add to any outfit.

According to the designer, he makes shoes for men, by making women look more desirable when they wear his shoes. These heels will make any woman feel amazing, so even if he does indeed make them for men, Christian Louboutin will do us all a favour if he continues to make shoes for another 20 years.

By Hilde Falck - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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