From the diaries to the red carpet this princess has stunned us with her fashion sense. Anne Hathaway may have gone with boyish look, however this has definitely worked out great for her. She complained to the Daily Mail that she looked like her gay brother after the stint, but we know that she looked stunning at the premiere of her movie. Hathaway wore a pearl Givenchy courture gown that accentuated her body as it flowed down her hips. The v-neck plunging back line was the icing on the cake as it didn’t reveal a lot but enough to make her look sensuous. The semi-butterfly winged dress was tastefully decorated with pearls from top to bottom, with a tiny tail of ruffles hanging from the back.

Amanda Seyfried was the next nominee for best dressed as she wore a black oddly shaped peplum dress that rolled into ruffles at the bottom. The one sided dress showed had a plunging neckline and she carried it off glamorously with a pair of satin pump high heels. Others dressed to impress included Gillian Anderson who wore a red velvet-top and satin-bottom gown that neatly sat on her hips and flowed down and Samantha Banks who wore a blue sequined gown with a mesh paneling at her waist.

By Tatiana Dias - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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