With the sudden outburst of snow, we know Winter is here and Christmas is fast approaching. But is it really that cold? Peaches Geldof may have gone a little overboard on wrapping up for winter, there are ways you can stay warm without looking like a yeti.

We all know a warm knitted beanie hat is a great accessory as it not only looks fabulous but also keeps you cosy! Last year it was all about fairisle knits this year think neon. Neon has been huge this A/W and it is a great statement piece as it is so bright and so out there.

Although beanies are our go-to items most winters, why not try something different? Why not try a knitted turban. It gives your winter wardrobe that wist and makes you different from everybody else, don't follow the crowd! A knitted turban does the job of your old beanie but also makes you look glamorous at the same time.

How else can you stay warm but keep on trend? Knitted gloves are so last week, why not try a pair of leather gloves if you want to look sexy and stylish without even trying! This December also saw the release of leather gloves that allow you to use your touch screen phone - genius! We'll never get cold fingers again! The gloves, from Dutch company Mujjo, are made from Ethiopian lambskin but start at a very pricey, £105. Maybe we will have to put with frozen fingers for a bit longer...

By Roxii Hoare-Smith - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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