New Girl’s second season premiered last month, but there’s no way we are forgetting our little diva, Jess (Zooey Deschanel). Zooey’s character Jess, has created a stir in the fashion world. Her unusual sense of style and big eyes that are magnified by those big framed glasses have brought the pretty geek back to chic.

So here’s how to get ‘THE JESS’. Let your hair down and take a pair of scissors and carefully trim the front of your hair to get a ruffled fringe (or just go to a professional if you’re too scared to do it yourself).  Invest in a pair of funky, large framed glasses even if you have perfect eyesight. You don’t have to get one with a number as it is now a fashion statement to wear a pair of glasses just for the look.

When you’re thinking of clothing just think layers! Jess layers herself a lot in most of scenes, so that’s the way you would want to do it. Wear a pair of shorts with a colourful pair of leggings or tights. Wear summer dresses with leggings and a pair of flat shoes or oxford shoes. Keep make-up very natural and try and be simple yet funky with your hair. Add a ribbon as a hair-band or a bobby-pin clip to your side-swept fringe. How cute!
By Tatiana Dias - Fashion writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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