As Channel Four’s smash show, ‘New Girl’ comes back on to our small screens over the next few weeks, there’s only one question on my mind. What will Zooey Deschanel be wearing?! The thirty two year old star, previously best known for her role in indie film ‘(500) Days Of Summer’ has revolutionised Hollywood with her bright colours, clashing patterns and floral frocks, and has taught us that fashion can be fun, and isn’t just for the Victoria Beckham’s of the world!

Zooey Deschanel is a fashion inspiration in the celeb world due to her refusal to stick to the ‘fashion norms’, or the standard celebrity uniform of skinny jeans, body con dresses and ball gowns. Never afraid to be different, Zooey is a fan of beautiful vintage frocks, flowery skirts and she’s the queen of the clash, mixing different patterns to an amazing effect, but still maintaining that ‘just thrown together’ look that we all wish we could work so easily. Her quirky-cute look is made up of a magical mix of pussy-bow shirts, patterned skirts, adorable collars and bright colours, put together in a way that says no to the conformist attitude of Hollywood stars. Zooey Deschanel is one of those people who makes things that should be ‘oh-so-wrong’ look ‘oh-so-right’, though of course the fact that she’s gorgeous could have something to do with it (Me, jealous? Never!). The nation’s sweetheart isn’t so confident about her looks, however, saying in July’s Cosmopolitan ‘At the end of the night all the glamour goes away and you’re just a human. All of that stuff is put on, to a degree’.

Zooey has shown us all that flowery dresses are the way forward, and is always pretty and polished in petals, standing out from all those stick-thin film stars with her sunny attitude and sunnier wardrobe. With her curvy figure, she’s often seen in those uber-flattering A-Line dresses we all turn to when we want a confidence boost, and with a covered up chest and her dresses often coming down over her knees, Zooey shows that sexy isn’t all about having everything out (time to put away that LBD, for now anyway!). Off duty, it’s all about skirts, shirts and shorts, with Zooey earning her reputation as the queen of quirk through her creative mixtures of textures and patterns, showing that clashing clothes and colours is no longer a fashion faux pas. In a demonstration of her fashion know how, the star is always perfectly groomed, with not a hair out of place, cute accessories and is often seen in flats, showing you don’t need to totter around on those painful heels any longer to be chic.

To embrace your new girl, look for bright colours and accessories that are both cute and quirky, particularly things with a special touch to give them that extra bit of Zooey-sparkle. Our Purple Patent and Suede Style Peep Toe Stiletto Brogues are a perfect example of Zooey style, with their conflicting shades of purple and interesting tie up detail; you can bet that Zooey would pair them with a purple patterned floral skirt, and a blue pussy-bow silk shirt. And if your salary doesn’t quite equal that of Deschanel’s, you’re in luck as our quirky brogues are available for only £19.99 - perfect for rocking Zooey’s geek chic look on a budget. If you’re looking for a bag that packs a punch, our Mustard Yellow Multi-Compartment Handbag with Tassel Design and Long Strap is a great choice for channelling Zooey, with its bright colour and quirky tassel detailing – and it’s only £21.99, a complete bargain.

It’s time to dig out those patterned skirts and bright shirts and embrace your inner geek, because there’s a new girl in town!

By Meg Dixon - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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