It is by far your favourite magazine, yet is it your favourite destination? It can soon become the place where you can hang out with your girlfriends and share fashionable moments and red carpet gossip!

How? Vogue will soon be opening its first Vogue Café in Dubai after Moscow, attracting fashionistas from around the Middle East and the world! From being your bedside book, it will become the ultimate place to see and be seen at regrouping celebrities and fashion lovers. The café will serve all sorts of non-acoholic beverages as well as sweets all under the Conde Nast supervision.

Mixing food with fashion is the way for the company to enter the Middle East and attract new fans! "Vogue Café Dubai is our first step into the Middle East market, and together with the GQ Bar, forms an integral part of Condé Nast International's strategy to expand its celebrated media brands into restaurants and bars around the world," said Condé Nast Restaurants director Stuart Nielsen to Vogue UK. "We are working with the best local partners in Dubai, and will absolutely respect the laws and values of the land."

In 2013, Vogue Café will also be launched in Kiev, but for now we are looking forward to the opening in Dubai, which is said to be a big event with the world’s most important celebrities and fashion icons! So if you were heading to Dubai by the end of the year, make sure to attend or visit the Café!

By Nathalie Akkaoui - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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