With Christmas looming large, you’ll probably soon be harassed with a plethora of different requests from your children. Some will be way too expensive; others will be downright bizarre (I was once asked by my little diva to buy her a star). Nonetheless, the requests will soon come pouring in, and there’s only one sensible thing you can do: ignore them and get your girl something of actual worth. This brings me unto watches, the ideal Christmas gift for your daughter - excluding cars. Here are the best watches you can get for your teenage girl.

- Gucci Bamboo: For all types of teenage daughters - from moody, to grumpy to... well that covers all teenage daughters - the Gucci Bamboo really is an absolutely ideal choice of gift. First and foremost, it’s Gucci. Second and foreleast, it’s Gucci. Basically, being Gucci alone is enough for this watch to be highly prized by your daughter.
The watch is only just over £600, which is very cheap in comparison to other watches of Switzerland, and its intricate design makes it a sight to behold. With a stainless steel case and bamboo for the bezel, your daughter will love this gift and forget all about that Lamborghini she’s been going on about - well almost.

- Omega De Ville Ladymatic: Of course, if a watch worth just over half a grand isn’t enough for your daughter and yourself as a gift, then you could crank up the volume a bit with Omega’s De Ville Ladymatic. Flawless diamonds decorate this 18-carat gold watch. Need I even say more?
Oh by the way, the watch costs nothing less than £15,000 and that’s if you’re lucky. But hey, if your daughter’s worth it!

- Chopard Happy Sport Mini: Chopard’s Happy Sport Mini is worth considerably less than Omega’s Ladymatic; but it’ll still cost you over £3000 - something tells me you’re going to end up leaving this article with your mind set on opting for the Gucci Bamboo!

Anyway, if money isn’t so much of an issue, but you’re still working on a budget than the Happy Sport Mini is the watch for your daughter. The dark blue leather strapped version is simply the cream of the crop and the one that made me steal it - I’m kidding... I couldn’t get it past security.
The coquettish floating diamonds under the watch’s dial are what really makes the Happy Sport Mini tick - excuse the pun... actually don’t excuse it, I meant what I said!

By Sue Williams - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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