1) The stylish beret - The beret is probably the most stylish accessory you can have this winter. It comes in different colours and sizes and looks amazing with almost anything.

2) The Blair Waldorf hairband and headbands - Spotted, little B’s minions trying to follow her trend of hairbands once again. The good thing about hairbands is that it gives you a chic, cute look and a sense of innocence to you attire. Hairbands come in cloth, leather, plastics with flowers, feathers and other little ornaments and these little things make anything look gorgeous.

3) Silver and gold trinkets - Everyone owns a bucket load of these, so it’s time to dig them all up from the back of your jewellery drawer and pair them up with all your glam-sham Christmas and new-year dresses. Remember the jewellery you pick needs to either be shiny gold or flashy silver, but please don’t overdo the bling or else you might be in the running for the best dressed Christmas tree.

4) Wooly socks - This accessory is a must have considering the weather and it being so cold. Socks were always something that needed to be worn with shoes. But earlier this year it was a trend to wear socks with almost anything and making it look glamorous. Wooly socks also come in different colours and with little trinkets attached to it.

5) Leather gloves - Another essential this winter are leather gloves. A little pricey for your pocket, but it always leaves you looking as smart as ever.

By Tatiana Dias - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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