The Duchess of Cambridge arguably is the fashion queen dazzled in Diamond jubilee 2012 with her exquisite choice of assembling head-to-toe suit and accessory especially her frugal choice of recycling dress to show the thrifty side of royalty in her first Diamond Jubilee garden party.

So-called “High-street Kate” is known for her thrifty and low-profile fashion style by showing up in public events in last season designer’s dresses or adornments borrowed from her mother. Still, Kate appeared on every photo shot with grace. As a royalty from middle class, this is a noblest and respectable conduct to set up a sample.

Therefore we shouldn’t be surprised that in the Palace garden party, Kate chose an Emilia Wickstead all in pink dress (£1,200) she wore two weeks ago in the Royal Sovereign's lunch accessorised with Jane Corbett lace trimming hat and nude LK Bennett high heel shoes. Her wise frugal choice scored her extra points from the public. As for the thanks giving in St Paul Chapel, the clever Duchess chose a nude slim-fitting lace dress from Alexandra McQueen to show patriotism, accompanied with a nude ribbon belt to show her slender waist. A Prada clutch bag (£350) also in nude and a stunning nude cocktail hat made by milliner Jane Taylor (£790) completed her elegant outfits with each item cost just more than a average monthly salary. To keep up the affordable clothing ploy, Kate completing all her looks in each celebration this week with her favourite nude LK Bennett Sledge heels (£185).

The trend of suppressing extravagant luxurious fashion is well advocated by the Duchess. She demonstrated a notion that to remain in grace and elegancy is not matter of assuming price tag onto your clothe but to pick them up wisely in the way that represent your identity the best.

By Jennifer Chan - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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