Believe it or not, Brothel Creepers really have crept back into fashion and most people seem to be loving them. Although they have been referred to by ELLE as the shoes you either love or hate, they have been going in and out of fashion since the 20th century when British soldiers wore them coming back from the deserts of North Africa after the Second world war. They were popular amongst Teddy boys and rockabilly's in the 1970-80s and now all the celebrities seem to be starting up the trend again.

As the picture shows, Katy Perry was seen wearing the rockabilly shoes at Coachella and Rihanna famously wore them on the X Factor last year which included a few controversial words...ahem. Avril Lavigne and Jessie J have also been papped wearing the shoes. If you want to follow the celebrity trend, these are your definite must haves!

Today they can be bought in a variety of colours or patterns and there are even DIY creepers which come with tippex so you can decorate them yourself, like Rihanna did. There are suede creepers, leather creepers, buckle creepers or lace creepers. Normal crepe sole or double sole. Pointy or round toe. So you can't say there isn't a pair for you!

The shoes don't have to be worn boisterous and punk style. Katy Perry wore her creepers with a very feminine floral dress with a red shoulder bag proving the shoes don't always give you the 'grunge look'. Copy her trend with our Genuine Leather Vivid Multi-Compartment Satchel which comes in a variety of colours for £129.99. If that's out of your price range, take a look at the Small Deep Red Genuine Leather Bag which also comes in many colours for £45.

Although unusual looking, creepers seem to be growing on us. They were featured on the MSN poll of 'Most popular female fashion item of 2011'. Although they came 9th with only 3% of the votes, it looks like that by the end of 2012 their popularity will have surely grown. The bizarre shoes may seem striking, they are sure to grow on you. They aren't just for the punks or rockabilly's anymore so why not give them a try?

By Roxii Hoare-Smith - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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